The hair serum is great. It added a shine to my hair that lasted all day and had a really nice fragrance. The best hair serum I have ever used.


I have been using the moisturising cream morning and evening. It feels so light and fresh and absorbs quickly into the skin. I highly recommend it.

Liz Eaton

I had dark blemishes on my face which were not going away inspite of using several products including one prescribed by my doctor. After using the Arganix Argan oil my face is now clear of these blemishes and the skin looks so much&


I am the owner of a hair and beauty salon in West London. I routinely use the hair serum on my clients as its one of the best I have ever come across. I also stock the entire Arganix range in my salon and highly recommend it to my clients.


Love the Argan oil, it is definitely 100% pure. I apply it to my face at night and it's completely absorbed by the morning. Does not feel greasy at all.


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