Moroccan Argan Oil, the golden liquid of nature

Pure Moroccan Argan Oil


Nowadays, the famous oil is which extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree found in the northern part of morocco has taken the market by storm and it became so famous that the editorial of new York times dubbed it as the “Liquid Gold” owing to its tremendous qualities in healing common problems naturally. It is also said by most hair experts that Moroccan Argan oil is enriched with vitamin A, vitamin E and fatty acids making it a strong natural substitute of various hair oil products.

Although it is rare and a little bit expensive, its benefits and qualities are matchless and remarkable. After so much hype in the market, it has been a subject of many researches to test the claims. After researches, it has been proven that apart from preventing its user from common problems, it also prevents from colon cancer, cholesterol and various other health issues provided it is used regularly.

People who have been using Moroccan Argan oil regularly claim that it has helped them in achieving the healthy glowing skin because it also acts as an anti aging agent. The list of its active ingredients is phenomenal and includes the following

  • Tocopherols
    • Squalene
    • Carotenes
    • Sterols
    • Phenolic antioxidants

Traditionally, it has been used by the natives of the place from where it is extracted for numerous purposes. It has been used topically for the cure of acnes, eczema and various other skin problems. It has also been used to treat the chicken pox and applied on the cracked heels to provide extra moisture. In culinary side, it is still used in Morocco with bread and salads. It is also used to make various products which taste delicious and are popular among locals.

Due to its limited supply and exclusivity of the place from where it is extracted, UNESCO took a good step and protected the semi-desert area of the Argan forest from where it is extracted because the purest form of this oil is the rarest one. The industry which supplies this magical oil to the world is also unique as the oil itself.

The cooperatives which supply this oil are run by the local women and the profit generated by the sale of this oil goes to the welfare of the local communities such as building schools, parks and hospitals. Apart from the welfare work, these women have also established a reforestation project which is dedicated to the plantation of new trees and maintenance of already planted trees so as to maintain the supply of this oil to world.

As discussed earlier, its antimicrobial properties are helpful in protection against the inflammation and skin infections. This is because it has large amount of fatty acids which is non-greasy in nature and absorbs easily and helps in to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. If you have decided to buy the Moroccan Argan oil for your usage, make sure to buy the 100% pure oil from the reputable seller and don’t buy those oils which contain Moroccan Argan oil as one of its ingredients.



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