7 amazing beauty hacks you have never heard before!

Beauty hacks


When you are women, you have to worry about a lot of stuff which is happening around you. You have to take care of your family, look after your job and most importantly, look beautiful while doing these household chores. But it is easier said than done. Here are few beauty hacks and tips which can give you refreshing look within no time and make you wonder why didn’t you use them before?

  1. When you are about to shave your legs, do so in the cold water because cold water gives rise to your hair which will give you a much closer shave.
  2. When you are applying mascara, do so while blinking your eyes. While you are applying it, don’t struggle to keep your eyes opened but close your eyes slowly and gradually. By doing so you will get closer and cleaner sweep. Also, the mascara would become smudge free by applying this way.
  3. If you want to cut your hair in a spiral way, just use your hair straightener. It sounds strange but your hair straightener is perfectly capable of doing so. To do so, grab a strip of hair, put it in the middle of the straightener and flip it over and try pulling it down as you do while straightening your hair. This way you can achieve the spiral hair cut.
  4. If you are suffering from dry nose problem, you can use chap stick to soothe your dry nose. Since it works perfectly on your dry lip, it also helps you in providing the right amount of moisture to your nose also. Apply a little quantity of it inside your nose when it is dry and you are good to go
  5. If you want to make your shampoo a super dandruff free product, just mix some aspirin it. It might seem a little gross but it has really amazing benefits. The salicylic acid combats the rough and dry scalp making it smooth and dandruff free.
  6. The use of your toothbrush is not just limited to clean your teeth. It can be used to exfoliate your lips too. While exfoliating your lip, use it in nice and gentle circular motions. It can also be used as a great tool to de-clump your mascara.
  7. Want to get rid of the cavities and bad breath? Swiss coconut in oil should be the first thing in your mouth to clean it in morning. Use it around for super white and cavities free teeth.
  8. If you want to enhance the beauty of your hairs and need them to be much strong, longer, healthier and luscious. There is a best solution of Pure Moroccan Argan Oil which can give a boost in your fizzy and fragile hairs. For more information keep visiting Arganix

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