Every Lady Should Follow This Argan Oil Skin Care Routine

Every Lady Should Follow This Argan Oil Skin Care Routine

Pure argan oil is the ‘treating agent’ for not only the feminine beauty- craziers but also, for skin- conscious segment; relieving dozens of skin care problems like pimples, dryness, acne, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, inflammation, and excessive oil production, making your over all makeup plan sucked up!

For all the ladies out there, we have come up with a simple break down of healthy daily skin care routine with the most favorite Argan oil. Let’s practice!

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Morning Session

When it comes to skin care, we ladies love to start our day with day- fairness creams or something like, cleansers or active moisturizers to look beautiful & fresh all day long so, starting with the right step is extremely important.

What if your colleague taunts you with “Hey, is everything alright at your home?” or boss gazing to figure out the last night so supposed incident or you being yourself mirroring & like, Ouch! This is not me!!

If you make your step towards office with a broke, irritated or dry looking skin chances are that people would make you feel like an alien or even if somebody not uttering anything on part of sympathy , you would feel self-conscious or less confident the whole day long .

Imagine you have an important meeting scheduled today, won’t you like to head start with a positive personality & glowing skin tone to impress clients? Off course, you would love to, so, no need to deny or feel grumpy.


Argan Oil Is the Magic Spell for Your Skin

Good use of argan oil as a morning moisturizer would keep your skin polished & glow all day longer, making your colleagues envy of you. Giggles aside, the naturally pure argan oil comes in rich Vitamin E which is undoubtedly a potent antioxidant agent & serves as an amazing shield from those harmful & scorching  effects of free radicals leaked as a result of outdoor sun exposures while at the same time, acting as a soothing agent against inflammation and repairing damage.

It is also bumped in with high level concentrations of linoleic acid and oleic acid that you might not know, are vital fatty acids to promote in the pink & gleaming skin. Your day is made!


An After Shave Sanitizer

One another very amazing use of argan oil is its quality to act as an after-shave to smoothly deal with the harsh effects that our skin incurs & make it soft & smooth again.

Follow the steps:

Simply, apply a few droplets of argan oil all over the sensitive areas affected after shave  due to razor burns or irritation after several shave attempts all over to your legs, underarms etc.

We know these days many post-shave products are available in tones to shop away, giving short term relief but costing like mounts & full splashed with synthetic ingredients or fragrances that further burns or intensify the affected area.

Sweet ladies, go for pure Argan containing products.

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Your Night Routine Will Complete the 360 Degree Therapy

Now after you have conquered your ‘beauty day -secret’ with an iconic skincare routine. Your baby soft & re-energized skin won’t still be back unless; you would put in extra night-care efforts too! Don’t forget to moist it every time when you go to bed.

The directions are simple:

After applying your regular mild face washes or if you are that regular towel user (please stop it), it is typically recommended to put some drops of argan oil on your face & gently rub it all over so that each & every area can be well-moistened.

  • Don’t ignore your eyes from getting argan treatment – Have you ever got frightened of those dark circles, making a dark spot on your face & searching for some immediate measures to hide them?
  • Don’t hold to market; just gently message your eyelids, under the eyes & crow’s feet with the liquid Argan Product & then move on, by tapping it lightly around the eyes via your fingertips. Since, the skin around your eyes is not an oil producer on its own required to keep your skin looks young & area firm.
  • One thing you must be mindful of is: Do not rub your eyes rigorously due to the surrounding skin being fragile as, this rubbing can result in wrinkles & bags formation.


Good looking skin is everyone’s wish. Forget those beauticians & expensive spas only drilling out money from you but go for this natural repetitive routine therapy & you will notice improvements within days not weeks!


Note: If you are a regular user of any XYZ  moisturizer/after shave balm then add and mix in 10 drops of argan oil for more effective results.

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